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Project Description

Bahir Dar is the third largest city in Ethiopia, after Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, and has a population of 201,450. It is the capital of the Amhara region, inhabited by the Amhara people, the country’s ethnically and geographically second largest group. The Ethiopian official language is Amharic.

Bahir Dar is a clean and well-maintained city by African city standards. It got somewhat popular with national tourists as also the lake and easy climate had made it even the emperor’s choice for his summer residence. The result are numerous places to play pool, enjoy draft beer in garden style bars and have fresh fruit juices and the choice from big menus in plenty of cafés and restaurants.

Giorgis Road is the main road in north-south direction featuring plenty of shopping and restaurant opportunities. The bus station and markets lie in side roads to this one and anything close to it will allow you to explore the city by foot. Even the basic accommodations have neat, but basic services.